Saturday, January 31, 2009

what shall we have here

welcome to my recipe blog!

i have something of a reputation for providing tasty victuals on a regular basis and hope to share the love. i wish i was more precise in the way that i work, so that it might be easier to reproduce for those who are stricken with the cooking-phobia. my apologies for that. i tend to find a recipe and change it before i have made it even once the exact way. i haven't figured out if that is arrogance or creativity. if there is a source to share, i will make efforts to include the source and original recipe in addition to my altered recipe and you can try either.

i would very much appreciate any feedback and comments.
if you try it and hate it, let me know.

if you try it and love it, let me know.

if you try it and it is too difficult, let me know.

if you are just a voyeur and just checking it out, let me know.

(i really like comments, can you tell?)

well, here we go! bon appetite!


  1. Sarah, I think this is so fun! It doesn't hurt that I love to cook. I will let you know if I try any of your recipes or if I use them for an inspiration anyway. I do not use recipes, most of the time I will look one over but never follow it exactly.

  2. AWESOME Sarah! So proud of you for starting this. It's perfect for you and a blessing to the cooking world. :)

  3. I used to have to follow a recipe precisely.
    Now I tend to find one or more similar recipes and use them as a guideline to create my own. The bad thing about that is I don't often write down what I created, and my family usually asks me to make it again. I'm getting better about that w/my new recipe software.

    More and more I love to cook, as long as it is not 4:00 pm and I have no plan.

    It will be fun to see what you share and what may become our family's new favorites too.


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